Sweat like a pig, look like a fox! 

   Exercise, if you’re doing it, you’re gonna get sweaty, and that’s OK. In fact, it’s kinda the point, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look like a gorgeous, dewy, fashionable babe at the same time. Actually, there are loads of activities that you look your best at while doing your worst. Read on to find out more.


I often think that there must be some gene that allows people to look invigorated and happy while running. Unfortunately, some of us are born without it and have to just do the best we can with some great running gear and a smile.

 Looking your best while running can be a challenge. 

The main thing you really need to watch out for when choosing your running kit is comfort. I don’t care how great those shiny leggings and lace bralet look if they aren’t going to survive 10K without rubbing in all the wrong places. You just can’t look your best if you are hurting, and let’s be honest running is tough enough as it is, without adding extra pain to the mix. To that end, items from well-known Sportswear manufactures like these  are an excellent choice for looking and feeling your best when you are pounding the pavement.
It’s also really important to get some super comfortable and supportive shoes, just any old trainers won’t do. In fact, it’s best to go to a specialist running store and have your gait evaluated to see if you Over or under pronate. Then you can get some help with choosing some on-trend sneakers that actually do your feet good as well.


Some exercise activities have got wise to the fact that us girls actually quite like to look nice while sweating. A fabulous example of this is the dance workout Zumba. Not only is this a high-intensity fun workout that feels like a dance party, but it also encourages you to wear awesome, colourful, and flattering outfits while doing it!

They even have their own workout fashion line with shirts that you can rip and tear to customise in your very own special way. If that isn’t the best reason to consider Zumba dance workout , I don’t know what is? Oh, OK maybe its because you can burn up to 500 calories in an hour? Just don’t forget a towel and some water because you will need to stay hydrated.


You can look great while doing some of the slower types of exercise like Yoga as well. In fact, there is a huge industry that has sprung up around providing practical, comfortable, but super flattering clothes for you to wear in your downward dog and lotus positions.

Try some flexible yoga pants  or even a yoga hoody. Something that looks fab and is a great way to keep warm and flexible at the beginning of your practice, and during the meditation section at the end.
There are even accessories you can invest in as well. Including some rather fancy socks that allow a better grip on the mat, and even some headbands that ensure your hair stays out of your face and you still look fabulous during Uttanasana!

Are any of these forms of exercise for you?

Speak soon,

Lotsa love

AG xxo

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