Is it okay not to be okay?

This isn’t really a subject I ever thought I would talk about or be that effected by it that i want to voice my opinions on it however over the last wee while it has definitely became more of an everyday subject that really should be spoken about.

Which is amazing; that people can now feel open enough to talk about it and even share their experiences within their metal health.

Now for me personally I can’t say I’ve had many issues within my own, well none that ive ever felt have impacted me badly. Then when I think hard about it, I could trigger it easily. The industry I put myself in – working in a high end retail store feeling that i need to keep up appearances every day, being a blogger, having such a strong need to post on social media, can that be an unconscious way of effecting our mental health?

can’t wear that again I was wearing it last week for that photo”

can’t not go to the gym, people expect me too”

can’t post about that, such and such did”

These would just be some thoughts that I can admittedly say pass through my head and who’s to say others aren’t having these thoughts x100 your brain would be on overdrive! This is a very small scale of paranoia I suppose, if anything, but a small matter like this can be one of many things that affect mental health.

Social media especially has became a big driver over the last few years for everyone. You can get so caught up on that insta perfect life and the girls with their perfect bodies, but it’s also becoming a greater platform for people to speak up about their stories and reach out to everyone who don’t feel as comfortable to share their experiences. 

People might automatically jump straight to believing that everyone is depressed when they discuss their mental health, but everyone can be experiencing it in different forms, whether it is anxiety, panic attacks, loneliness , self esteem, PTSD the list is endless.

If there are so many forms of this that can have an impact on our mental health then why should we not talk about it? We are all the first to ring in sick to work when we have the shits – what’s the real difference in mental and physical health?!

I am so glad that I have been made more aware of this subject as before I could have still been one of the shallow minded people who didn’t “really get it” but whether it has been some of my friends, people I work with, bloggers I follow I feel I have became more understanding of it and I hope that I have shown this with anyone in my life that’s needed me.

Please speak up if you’re feeling any sort of sadness, sometimes all you need is to talk about it.

I’ll always be here too for a hug, and more than likely an inappropriate sarcastic comment 🤷🏻‍♀️

speak soon,

lotsa love

AG xxo


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