Blog eats blog?

What is a blogger? A YouTuber? An influencer?

“Someone who loves themselves and takes a lot of photos of themselves

Accurate? Maybe 🤷🏻‍♀️

 for me it’s a lot more…

Along with reality stars the above are probably the most followed and talked about now a days.

In a good way? More times than enough the answer is probably no. 

Why is this? Why are we all obsessed? I’m counting myself in the “we” party as I too spend my day scrolling down instagram looking at pictures of amazing looking girls with fantastic outfits. That perfectly poached egg on the side of a cocktail that’s been made by angels. We are all guilty to become attracted to pretty people with pretty things.

For me as a blogger, I definitely look at all the “big bloggers” I follow for inspiration but more times than enough I’m looking at my own circle of bloggers around me. 

When I started my blog, I knew zero others.  I went to events alone, I was taking all my outfit pics of myself in the mirror (my favourite thing to do still 🤷🏻‍♀️) and you just had to put yourself out there and hope people wanted to read your current brain waves that week. 

Nearly three years on ( not s drastic amount has changed) I have met some amazing friends from the NI blogging community, I love going to events to catch up with them all and I have the best photos cos we all know our shit  & I too can make the perfect poached egg…. 😏

All these things come with time and dedication. We get a hard time; as you do get an eye roll and a sarccy comment for every event you say you are attending, or for wanting an outfit pic in the middle of the street with all the spectators. You just gotta learn to blank that shit out. 

Galsgoss began as a hobby for me and has now became a part of my everyday life. Which I am so grateful for. People will be reading this going “yeah must be hard going to events and getting free shit” it ain’t all about the “free shit” people – and with that, is anything really free? 

Writing the blog posts, keeping my social media up to date and actually being able to attend everything you’re invited too costs time. Working a normal 40 hour week alongside this, you have to decline some invites and with that comes the anxiety..:

What if such and such is there and I miss meeting them? What if that company just thinks I’m rude? What if I don’t get invited to anything else?”

Fomo is a serious thing in the blogging community but something you just gotta learn to deal with. So from this the real main point of my title, do bloggers hate other bloggers?

Controversially and honestly my answer would be that jealousy has definitely stricken me throughout the years of blogging. I would say anyone else is lying if they haven’t felt it at least once. It’s like saying you haven’t been jealous of your exs new girlfriend (for no longer than three seconds of course 🤦🏻‍♀️) you do question all of your blogging ability when you havent been invited to that one event everyone else seemed to be at. In reality though and most importantly we are all striving for the same things. We all get the importance of content, the right pics, writing what we are passionate about and that’s what makes every blogger unique. There is room for everyone and each blogger around me that I know and follow inspires me in different areas. Why should we kick each other down when we are so much better at helping each other up?

Comparassion never leads to creativity. 

Speak soon,

Lotsa love

AG xxo

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