Got it from my mamma 💁🏻

We all have the girls to swap and share clothes with, for me it’s my mums wardrobe I sneak a peak in too here and then 👀

My mum has passed a lot on to me, most people will say predominately  looks as we are “the double of each other” but the most cherished skill I have took from her is shopping.

The love for shopping and clothes has certainly shaped my personality. A mean a topshop working blogger, she really is to thank 🤷🏻‍♀️

We mightn’t shop at all the exact same shops but we defiantly nab a few items on each other time to time – que these Fab red boots  and yellow bag (not online) 😈

Red is this seasons colour so she’s bang on trend. She’s me to thank for that one… 😏

We are all inspired by each other as woman and it’s clear for me anyway that I most certainly did get it from my mamma.

Speak soon

Lotsa love,

AG xxo

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