The yellow series

Guys, the title says it all.

My life is now a sea of yellow. I’m sure you’ve noticed by now my obsession – I don’t feel like it’s going away and I don’t even know why?! 

Getting treated down at Tony & Jens for the launch of their protein pops with Linwoods health foods , I thought this yellow summery dress was the perfect attire, a summer evening and lolly pops? Goes hand in hand, right?

3 seconds after I got in the car there was thunder and lightening…. 

But the lollies went down a treat with not a drop of guilt felt

… & the rain cleared off for me to flaunt the dress.

Win win.

Dress – New look sale (not online but similar)

Leather jacket and boots – Old Topshop stock

I’m sure you’re sick of seeing me in yellow by now but I won’t lie….

  I don’t even care 🙊💁🏻

Speak soon,

Lotsa love

AG xxo

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