Holiday blues ⚓️

The writing and editing pictures on the flight home is a favourite of mine to kill the time/ reality of heading home.

I say favourite I think this is the second time I’ve done so – I don’t live that jetset life.

I’ve just spent the last week in Portugal which was beaut. Nothing better than a break away in the sun (cloudy a few days; my excuse for the crap tan)

But instead of cramming 400 holiday snaps that nobody really wants to see in one post I thought I would just share one of my favourite things I purchased for my holiday and how easy it is to style – the swimsuit.

I always find myself bringing at least one swimsuit away with me, I feel a lot more confident in them.
Not ideal for the tanning at times but sometimes you gotta compromise.

The day I wore this outfit we were off on a day trip so it was perfect. I could just stick it on and then fire a pair of my classic Levi shorts over it. 

The shape of this one was good as you could still get the sun on your back and tbf it could nearly double as a bodysuit!

Just watch out for sideboob…

Swimsuit – Topshop (similar)

Hat – primark 

Shorts & sandals – eBay 

Beach bag – Topshop

Are you a swimsuit kinda gal?

Speak soon,

Lotsa love

AG xxo 

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