Sunday brunch ☕️

I am still on a complete “blogger power, all in this together” high from this mornings amazing NI blogger brunch that I just had to write a post asap. The amazing NI blogger community (as small as it may be is still bigger than many people may realise) joined forces today thanks to the boss lady herself Cathy Martin. We all met at The permit room and indulged in fine food, coffee and gossip.

It was so nice hearing from everyone and realising that this community we are trying to build is a great priority for us all.

Listening to the many faces in the room and realising that we all share the same yet different passions was so refreshing for me, everyone has a common thread with someone else and that little connection can spark the best relationship.

Why kick someone in your field down when you can join forces and break the rules?

Besides, nobody is gonna get that shot better than a fellow blogger….

Dress – Zara

Shoestk maxx

Bag & sunglasses – Primark

Speak soon,

Lotsa love

AG xoxo

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