Sunshine on a rainy day ☂️☀️

Looking out my window at my mummy’s beautiful spring daffodils in the window boxes….
With the rain bouncing off the window behind them. 🙄

As always in Ireland; the weather doesn’t replicate the clothes we are “meant” to be styling for this time of year so we gotta compromise. 

Luckily enough the rain just about held up for me and Katie Andrew as we ventured town some of the cute little belfast streets to capture some of our denim and floral looks. Both two key pieces for spring and I am enjoying both of them.

 I was brighthning up the dull day for once as I teamed a yellow oversized jumper from H&M with this cute little black leather floral detailed skirt from  Zara.

Denim is a piece that never really times, but it’s definitely hot right now and I got this oversized Topshop denim jacket a while ago and I have wore it so much already. It will be a key statement piece that can be worn with so many different looks throughout spring.

As I picture on my Insta like all the time I love fishnets with everythinggggg. So I popped a pair on to edge the outfit up a little and finished it with my trusty Primark metallic boots!

These three trends and more will be sure to make an appearance at this seasons Belfast fashion week that’s happening March 23rd-26th in the city centre itself. I can’t wait to see where we can pick these spring essentials up in my favourite high street haven show. To get tickets to the shows and to find out what’s happening and where; check out the website or their Facebook page!

Speak soon,

Lotsa love

AG xxo

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