The Skinny Kitchen, Belfast πŸ’ͺ🏼

If you haven’t heard of this joint before now you will soon, believe me.

I first stumbled across the skinny kitchen when it opened its doors the last time I was in Ibiza. Ibiza is probably the last place you would be expecting or wanting a clean meal, but evidentially that’s more or less all you need after a rough couple of days of living on €5 vodka and bargain buckets. 

I fell in love with it then and continued to follow their social media when I was home lusting over all the clean treats, many of them giving me ideas and inspiration which have stumbled into the food section here on GalsGoss. 

So, I was absolutely all bizzzz when I heard they were going to be opening abother premises here in Belfast. 


I popped along with my bestie on Friday night for a little date night. The menu is jam packed with a clean alternative for almost everything you can think of, all accompanied with a fun play on words title for each dish. Cocktails and lots of juices with fresh ingredients.

The menu has all macros included for anyone who is counting and indication for gluten/vegan/veggie free dishes. 

It has lots of quirky and cool little details to it which just always pull on my heartstrings no matter where I go, everyone loves an instgramable day out,right? 

I’ll deffo be back to The Skinny Kitchen hopefully for breakfast as their poached eggs look as dreamy as mine….😏

Speak soon,

Lotsa love

AG xxo 

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