Bargain bucket 💷

Ah me and my beloved Primark had been separated for a long time, I was well overdue a good haul.

& that I had. 🙊😋

It’s just one of those places you can’t run in for one thing, instead come out with a bag full of bargains. 

You can’t even be mad; here’s what I picked up over the weekend…

I always pick up a set of eyelashes when I’m in Primark, Yano just to have? 🙊 I needed a new kabuki brush so this was to hand also.

Brush – £2

Lashes – £1

I’ve started to get more excited to head to the ‘home floor’ these days. All sorts of unnecessary treats for my tiny bedroom 🙊 I always need new hangers and these beaut gold and coloured ones make them look that little bit more exciting! This paisley print duvet also just had to be purchased at this price! 

Duvet – £5

Gold hangers – £2

Coloured hangers – £3

Oh sure we all know what happens when gal comes near anything unicorn…. these pink lights had my name all over them! Also was running out of lipstick space so grabbed another beauty organised & this cute little pineapple candle – just coz’ 

Unicorn lights – £4

Candle – £4

Beauty organiser -£2

Gingham is another key trend for this SS17, so  I couldn’t resist this cute little cold shoulder ruffle top for just £8!

These two little bralets are so adorable. Underwear like this is everywhere right now but in most places 3 times the price!

Black and Rose detail bra – £8

Pink set – £5

And if all these bragains weren’t enough my last two purchases were for sure my favourite! Iridescent is my middle name so this cute little clutch (also with strap) was made for me! I deffo don’t need another pink pair of shoes but pink is the colour this season and these were marked £3 so I couldn’t resist… when I got to the till they were only £1?!? What the helllllll….

Bag- £5

That’s my lot for this time round. I can’t pop links as for all oursake there is no online shobbale Primark but the trip is always worth it….

Speak soon,

Lotsa love

AG xxo 

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