Baby B Browne tan 🍊

Okay so I just had to blog about this tan I was kindly sent a couple of weeks ago.
Anyone who knows me knows I ain’t the greatest fake tan lover – mainly because I suck at applying it and struggle to find one I love.

But I can honestly say hand on heart this is one of the best tans I have ever used! It is so easily applied with the mitt and the colour develops a good bit straight away to prevent the streaky lines everywhere. The tan itself doesn’t have that classic curry smell more coconuty which is a win win in itself 😍

The natural glow off it lasted me more or less a week and the wearing off process wasn’t scaley at all. I also applied it to my face which I would never have done with any other tan it came up super nice.

Even better this tan is produced locally in Northern Ireland so it’s great to use a local product which is so great! 

I would deffo recommend this tan gals and it’s super cheap for the quality of it! Get it here and check their Facebook page out!
Speak soon,

Lotsa love 


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