Muscles Protein Bakery πŸ’ͺ🏼

now we all know I love food and a good gym sesh

notice how I put food first?


well for me nothing is better than a good ‘clean’ dish. All the eating still being done but the guilt is halved.

win win.

A new business opened up beside me this week with all of the cleanest treats and snacks you could want.

snicker balls, peanut butter brownies, muffins, rocky roads, ferrors, ginger bread cookies and the list really does go on.

all these treats are made with cleaner ingredients and higher protein making the fat girl inside of me just love life. Katherine generously gave me a few treats to sample, and seeing it was only a matter of hours ago I haven’t got round to them all….yet.

its only 4pm 

my personal favs so far are the peanut butter brownie (anything peanut butter and I am yours) the fifteens, macaroons and jam sponge. So yeah basically IT ALL.


along with all these sweet treats, they also have savoury meals prepped – perfect for people who are out and about a lot or cutting for shows. A selection of teas coffees shakes and even ice cream! Its great to see more of these clean food establishments opening up everywhere especially so close to home for me as well. Keeps the mind & body satisfied…
speak soon,

lotsa love



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