Mind over matter

First and foremost apologies for no humpdayheels post this week, 

honestly no excuses no other plans I plain and simply just  COULD NOT BE F***ED!!!

And hand on heart that is the first time in just over a year of doing the blog that I really couldn’t bring myself to write. 

Just shitty day, shitty mood.

Get me?

Now when you’re in this mood all you wanna do is curl up into a ball eat yourself into a food coma and cry about how nobody loves you, yeah.

But from past experience I know this doesn’t work. So I got my shit together and trailed myself to the gym.

“Last thing you’d wanna do?”

Yeah I hear you, but believe me it works. When training your body releases Endorphins; a morphine-like substance originating from within the body, a sense of euphoria. 

So yeah basically all that science shit, it makes you feel good.

I went to the little gym for a “barbell complex” class, but only one appeared,

Me. 😑

Instant fear and bad mood continues lol. But my fab trainer Danielle adapts to any situation and put me through a gruling one on one leg session.

I hate and love her so much at the same time right now. But literally just what I needed! After finishing the sesh she throws me a gorg little gym pink tee and says I am member of the month.


Instant mood lifter. 

So basically I just wanted to talk to you gals after all and share my shit day made better.

Instead of reaching for the chocolates next time you’re having “one of those days” reach for the trainers.

Speak soon,

Lotsa love 


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