Baked eggz 🍴🍳


I know I’m super bad with posting foodie things on this but I jus eat them so quick i always forget 😞

I always have little ideas on my Facebook and snapchat though so check them out for more frequent updates 😊

Snapchat – “aislinggall”

Anyway today I am sharing a quick little healthy breakfast/brunch/lunch any time of day really meal.

It’s soooooo quick and easy so let’s go…

  • Get whatever ingredients you desire; I have used onion mushroom tomatoes chorizo and a handful of spinach leaves.


  • Melt a little coconut oil into a pan chop up the ingredients and throw into the pan. I like to cook the mushrooms onions and chorizo for a few mins before.



  • After a while add the spinach and tomatoes and create a space in the middle of the pan between the ingredients. Crack two eggs into the middle.



  • Turn the heat down for a couple of mins then pop into a pre heated oven for no longer than 5 mins.


And that is literally it gals, simple clean and tasty! I added two bits of bacon with it just because…. It’s bacon. πŸ™Š

Hope you give it a go!

Speak soon,

Lotsa love 


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