Making motions 

This week I had the pleasure of working with Daniel a local PT in Peak Physique Lisburn road and founder of the fab

Anyone who reads my blog and knows  me as a person knows I am a little fitness and fashion freak, so is there anything better than the two combined?

No, no is the answer.

Daniel is half swedish half irish with a dream of running his own sportswear company. With a passion for fashion and sportswear what better way than to join the two. Motion has a quirky urban style to it making it have that distinctive edge over your bog standard basic training gear. From his Swedish heritage he has enhanced their style and his imagination and enthusiasm to put his all into developing this brand. 

Naming the brand came from again his roots; the Swedish meaning of motion is infact exercise. Since the brand kicked off in July 2015 Motion Sportswear has designed pieces for local schools, intertwining Daniels love for hockey and sports with that cool and stylish vibe he has. Working with lots of local business’, models and sports people motion sportswear is growing through the power of social media and it’s great quality products are pushing it places it deserves to be. 


Along with the beaut products I received Daniel invited me down to the gym for a swift ass whopping PT sesh.

What we done – 

Squat 4×4 (40/50/60/65)

Hex bar dead lift 4×4 (55/75/85/95)
30 seconds on / 10s off x4 rounds
plank press
alternate shoulder press, single leg (3kg dumbbells)


frontal push, single leg (5kg weight plate)

battling rope


An enjoyable session…. I think is the right word? 🙄🙊 

we also went over key movement and stance in the squat and plank. We focused on preventing inward rotation of knee, which was due to underactive glute meds. By strengthening and activating this muscle through specific warm ups and movements we can produce more power, more efficiently when training allowing a smoother movement pattern! I also learnt to check everything was in balance – basically does the right side mirror the left? does the front mirror the back? Making sure these are equal to reach full ability and mobility on each side. Also I have a right foot which has a mind of its own making me lopsided 🙊

In the dreaded well known plank, we made the hips higher to increase ab engagement and to prevent lower back pressure. 

All about the ab life gals 💁🏻

Hands and elbows shoulder width apart and parallel to reduce help from shoulders and really target abs, squeeze glutes and keep legs straight!

all photos took by Daniel Buser @ peak phsyique

There you have it gals, the perfect balance between fitness, style and fashion.

Motion Sportswear

Be sure to check them out
Speak soon,

Lotsa love 


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