No boyfriends no problems πŸ’™

Okay so this post would have been up earlier if I hadn’t of had my head down the toilet all day.

It’s official, I’m old, can’t drink anymore.


Last night we had our gym Xmas party, in January I know but we like to do things different in The Little Gym. 

I hadn’t used my mermaidy vibed sequin bag that I got in pennys on my Dublin trip so I wanted to wear it.
So with my little makeup Angel miss Maria Moore outdone herself & we went for a crazy lip 

Limecrime peacock.

Risky but it’s me, I like a little risk.


I went a little mad in Zara sale the other day and picked up some serious bargains, this tsirt being one of them. Β£3.99

I decided it was a dress for the night and popped a little belt on with it and my white H&M blazer (also a sale bargain at a time) 

That’s what my weekend look like gals,

Back to the fear of Monday slowing creeping up. πŸ”«

Speak soon,

Lotsa love 


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