Glitter ball 🌟⭐️

Happy new year gals!!!

It is officially 2016, my new traditional one direction calendar is up in place! 

Hope you’s all had a fab night & celebrated with all your loved ones, I had a perfect night with all my chicks.

In good Christmas style I wanted to go a little sparkly last night and I picked up the perfect pair of sequins trousers from H&M sale for £10! 

I wanted to try a little something different with my hair so I got some glitter to try “glitter roots” 🙊

I just got some loose dust from Claire’s accessories  

I used some hair spray, a gel spray and a little morrocon oil on my roots and a tiny makeup brush to use to dab the glitter into my roots. 

(It ended with just using my fingers)

I think it turned out okay for my first attempt! I think I will pick up some hair gel to try with it next time.


What do you think, would it be a look you would try? 

I’m away back to figure out what else I can eat….

Speak soon,

Lotsa love 


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