Black & gold. 

It’s that time of year that we all have our annual self destructing want to curl up in a ball and die after work night out.

The Christmas dinner. 

I had such a fab weekend at mine & loved my outfit I picked up for it; featured in my wednesdaywishlist a while ago was ideas for things to wear on nights out at this time of year and I think my glittery two piece was just what I was after. 

The mesh skirt & top is from ✨🌙

My beautiful talented bestie Kristina who works in Bobbi Brown painted my face for the evening & I loved it! And also I was treated to a fantastic spray tan from Kirsten at TheBrowtique these ladies have recently just started spray tans and I deffo couldn’t recommend them more!
Some others took some tips from my wednesdaywishlist


Have a good week gals

Speak soon,

Lotsa love 


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