Apologies for no Wednesday wishlist yesterday but I wanted to wait until today for this TO DIE FOR THURSDAY WISHLIST.

If you follow me on Facebook or just in general life you will know how excited I have been on the launch of this Balmain HM line.

I must admit I’m not big into following designers (mostly due to sheer pain of not affording anything) but Balmain is one line I have always just died over.

Seeing the likes of fashion bffs Kendall & Gigi wear these pieces oh so perfectly doesn’t help with the sheer need for it all.

It will only be available in selected stores in the UK; and to be quite honest majority of this may be sold out online by the time you get to seeing this post.

All of it is beautiful & as expected very pricey, but have a look at the top 10 picks I NEED IN MY LIFE….


Speak soon,

Lotsa love



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