In the ring 

Is it just me or are the weekends just flying past these days???

Sunday again. 


As I love taking 500 outfit selfies before a night out with my pals I like to share with your fine selves,

Someone might wanna see right? 🙊

I got myself a septum ring during the week, just of the fake kind my real nose piercing was enough pain for me.

Where from I hear you ask? eBay of course, the land where you get everything!!

I picked these 3 little fake noserings for £2.50 or something like that! 

Just went causal/dressy on the outfit

Black obviously. 

Silk shirt –

Ripped jeans –

Lime heels –


Hope you had a good weekend gals, off to wait on two hours of xfactor cos there is no other choice in life on Sunday’s.

Speak soon,

Lotsa love


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