Beach vibes ✌🏻️

what else is there to do on a 4 and a half hour flight other than edit an argubley innappropriate amount of selfies & outfit pics?! 

Nothing obvs.

I had such a fab time in Lanzarote the past week, perfect relaxing holiday at the pool with my fam. Couldn’t recommend it more for a chilled one with whoever tickles your fancy. 

I didn’t honestly buy that much new swimwear or clothes for this holiday as I had lots from previous years buttttt I did still buy some bits because, well it’s me.

I have some serious questionable tan lines that are just too funny & make my swimwear have a bit more of an edge….

Basically they are too funny not too show 🙊


As we all know I love black & white so I loved this little bikini top I picked up from primark

Until it snapped 😩

I had another wee bandeau top I also got from primark at a £1 so I quickly threw it on with the high waisted bottoms 

(From mummy’s suitcase) 🙊

Kimono was from the sale in TESCO.


This swimsuit was one of the things I did get this year because I just loved the colours & style.

I had my gorgeous white bumcheek lines at this stage so enjoy having a chuckle at these 🙊

Hand ring from topshop & denim shorts are vintage Levi from eBay! 



Some more holiday bits to follow soon,

Lotsa love 


9 thoughts on “Beach vibes ✌🏻️

  1. Both pieces looked great on you darling! i just have one question. Do you mind telling me the size you got of the “beach vibes” swimsuit? I want buy one as a gift and i want to use your pics as a reference. Thank you!

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  2. Thank you! you were a great help! don’t worry! I’m just ordering one for my friend but I don’t know her size. I’m just using your pics to guess what size should I get for her.


  3. The funny thing is that I told already that I will buying her a swimsuit and today I gave her a hint saying “Bitch don’t kill my vibe” to help her guess its style. after some time she texted “it probably has a “Beach Vibes” print on it” OMG! I mean how did she know?!!right? 😀 😀

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