Wednesday wishlist – #8 😍

Sales sales sales everywhere atm.

& if any of you gals are like me this is heaven. 😍😍

I am a serious Bargain hunter, can’t help but feel seriously proud of myself after picking up a bargain; it’s like an achievement.

And hells sure achievements are a positive thing. 😝

Don’t get me wrong some sales are seriously hit & miss …you can get all the crap of the day in them a lot of the time. 

But topshop have so many gorgeous bits in their sale right now! I have picked out my favourites from their website! These probably won’t be around long so if any take your fancy GET.ON.IT!!!!

                      ****Handy tip****

 if you’ve any hols coming up (me this time two weeks, but here who’s counting 🙊) they have 20% off their swimwear right now for a limited time only!

Hope you gals find some bargains, let me know if you’ve found a great sale recently!

Lotsa love, 




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