little eggy mc muffins

Mondays always bring the start of eveyones diets…

” ill start again on Monday”

we are ALLLLL guilty of this, including myself.

this Mondays no different…

I have just over 3 weeks to my holiday.

dreaded fear of looking like a beach whale sets in.

so thankfully I have that as motivation; my working out isn’t the problem, I am a little gym bunny its the eating.

I find it a lot easier being prepped the night before… especially since I am in work from the break of the morning light.

so last night I threw together these little eggy muffins.

I have seen many people making these before so thought I would give them a go.

what you need….

a muffin tin

fillings… I used baby tomatoes, peppers, onions & chorizo! you could pop anything in them though 🙂

eggs… 3 filled my 12 case tin, more would be needed for a deeper tin probz!

  • coconut oil or something similar to grease the tin


image2 image1 image3

what to do…

grease the muffin tin

chop fillings up and place evenly across the little sections

beat your eggs up in a jug & a little milk and seasoning

pour over your fillings

pop into oven for around 7- 10 mins, just keep a close eye


aaaaaaaaaaand that’s literally it.

super super easy and perfect for gabbing for breakfast or even a snack throughout the day!

I had 3 of these this morning with 3 oh so lean sausages

(facebook link for these guys below, amazing super lean meat)

let me know what you gals think.

speak soon,

lotsa love


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