simple staples πŸ‘—πŸ‘–

perked up in bed, blanket round my head….hey that rhymes.πŸ™Š

glasses on, diet coke in hand & pretty little liars on in the background.

this is my productive Sunday right here.

I always seriously appreciate a drink free fresh weekend once in a while…even if I did work it all its nice to come home & chill the frick out!!

I had a little cinema date at the weekend and while looking through my wardrobe for an outfit I realised how I always find myself leaning towards the same things

wardrobe favs.

no doubt everyone has items in their wardrobe they all love so I thought I would share my simple staples I couldn’t live without.

what’s yours?

enjoy the rest of the weekend gals,

lotsa love


  1. Leather Jacket

most certainly my favourite wardrobe key piece….“yes aisling we know it’s in all your pics”  haha yes totally guilty I just love my leather jacket. I think its such a good investment, dear or cheap. I wear mine for day-to-day outfits or add it to a more dressy outfit for a little more grunge effect. perfect for spring summer autumn and winter, number one on my essentials list!


2. Black Dress

anyone who really knows/follows me will know I am a glorified lover of all black EVERYTHING. but I don’t think I am alone when I say everyone needs a little black dress in their lives. I have….several. but hey I did say I loved black so its okay, right? LBDs are the ultimate go to for me when im stuck for outfit ideas on a night out, you can wear the same dress a million times but with different makeup, jewellery shoes & bag it can look totally different.



3. Skinny Jeans

think this one is pretty obvious and applies to most of us. skinny jeans are the perfect item for turning an outfit from day wear to night-time sheek. team with converse, flats, boots anything for  casual wear or add a heel for a more glamed up look and you get a whole different feel. denim white or black skinnes…or all 3 in my case are simple staples for every girls wardrobe.

4. Leather trousers

honestly this is probably another one for me and my black fetish but I couldn’t live without my leather trousers. I got them like 3 Christmases ago and still love them

probably because they actually still fit but say nothing.

I love grabbing my leather trousers to style up when going for casual drinks with the girls, out for dinners or even to stick on with a denim shirt and converse for a shopping trip. maybe not a look for everyone’s style but for me an essential.

5. Crop tops

this is a pretty new essential for me, but i find crop tops are a quick grab for an outfit. white/black/grey are spot on to have to add with a pair of high-waisted jeans, a leather skirt or used as something simple with a patterned trouser. Topshop & primark are perfect to pick these up in multiple colours for cheap!


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