Levi Thursday’s 

I’m forever wanting to do more outfit posts for you gals but it’s hard when you’ve to slum it in a TESCO uniform 40 hours a week

Violins please. 

But I’ve enjoyed a rare full day off today! Yay for me & everyone who has to listen to me… 🙊

Being the amazing big sister that I am…


I went to watch the little bro in his sports day then we had lunch & a cinema date. 

The weather is so super bi polar in ireland i literally could go out in a bikini one minute then need wellies & a rain coat 2 mins later..


But seeing it is fast approaching summer & festival season I was digging my Levi shorts today; can’t beat a good pair of vintage Levi shorts! Reppin’ my kardashian sissys with their slogan tee & I did some layering with a checked shirt & my trusty leather jacket… Yano just incase…

For that downpour that will most likely happen. ☔️

Lotsa love, 

TEE// missguided

CHECKED SHIRT // urbanoutfitters

LEATHER JACKET // riverisland


BELT // primark

CONVERSE // schuch


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