Wednesday wishlist 

Wednesday again already gals; hope this week is flying in for you – like it is me.

Today’s wishlist is on topshop

topshop is probably my all time favourite shop. Although I can’t always afford quite everything it has, it has always just been my one love I can never pass by. They will always be top of the fashion ladder with up and coming trends & styles. Branching all over the world at the minute!

Even some of our favourite celebs dabble in topshop…


queen bey in a topshop monochrome co – ord 👑🐝

Seeing I get paid this week and will be rich

…. For the weekend….. Or just for Friday.

I have been lusting over some of my favourite pieces in topshop at the mo. Have a wee look tell me what you like?
Where would you like featured next week?

Lotsa love,


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