The Little Gym

hope everyone had a fab bank holiday weekend, even though I was working today I for sure made the most of it anyway over the weekend.


Today saw a pretty exciting new arrival for my town, a new and improved 

The little gym.

The little gym hasn’t been around that long but has already expanded to about 100 times the size! The turn out for the open day today was amazing and with new personal trainers on board and more new classes being added she will be taking over the whole street before we know it. 

Not so little anymore. 🙊

As I have said before my amazing trainer Danielle doesn’t do things by half so this place is the real deal. Only a matter of weeks ago she decided she was taking on such a big space and it is surreal how quickly it’s all turned out perfect. 

Now I would love to go into great detail about each piece of equipment but tbh I was only familiar with a few off them…

my trusty kettle bells mainly 🙊

But it won’t be long before she makes sure they are my best friends. The fear of God rushed over my face just thinking about the sweat that will be dripping out of me once Danielle has her way…. 😣

For people like me who would never have dreamt of going near a gym a few years ago the atmosphere and craic everyone has at the little gym is brilliant. Training can be quite daunting for a lot of people but knowing you’re going to be surrounded by fab people encouraging you on and a dedicated trainer keeping you right really makes it half the battle. 

If only every town had a gym like this and a trainer like Danielle….

Although you never know with her 🙊💪🏼

Lotsa love,




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