Wednesday wishlist -#2 πŸ’ΈπŸ˜‡

so, a couple of weeks a go I done a blog post on midweek must haves and how I dislike Wednesday’s and so on and so forth…

This hasn’t changed.

So I thought to cheer myself up.. And of course bring some niceness to your eyeballs also…. Always thinking of others me.πŸ™Š

I would start a weekly Wednesday wishlist.

Basically just going to pick a different store/site and some of my favourite things from there…now this can possibly be a negative thing as can lead to spending money for me.. And you. 

But let’s be real shopping buys happiness so it’s all okay…

Recently I am loving

They have some beaut pieces and at an affordable price, like many online sites always offering some sort of discounts and offers. What i also love is they offer various colours on many different items.

Here’s what I’m loving off at the minute, what do you think?

Would there be any stores or sites you’d like me to feature next week?

Happy Wednesday gals…

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