wheaten free…wheaten bread

I realised its been a wee while since I had posted any foodie posts….

so hiyaaaaa heres one today 🙂

I wasn’t well at the weekend rotten stomach bug, yuk.

so I wasn’t over the door, hense no exciting posts….yous missed me I know I know.

I just had a little shift in work this morning as im still not feeling 100% so thought I would do something productive and give this little recipe I have seen lots of people raving about a go.

this is supppppper easy and quite hard to believe how easy it is, even turned out right for me…

all you need is :

500g fat free yoghurt

250g of oats

2 teaspoons of baking soda

1 teaspoon of salt

that’s it….I know told you it was easy!

(I used a little coconut oil to line the bread tin)



simply add the oats, yoghurt, baking soda & salt into a large mixing bowl, mix and scoop into a loaf tin. place into oven for around 40-45mins. I took the loaf out of the tin and placed back in for a further 15 mins, let it sit for a while then tuck in and enjoy!

so simple, tasty & healthy! to make it even healthier why not try gluten free oats?

enjoy the rest of your Monday gals, lotsa love..




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