Sunday strolls 👫

what a beaut Sunday afternoon we are having!! Even though working Sunday mornings suck it is good having the whole afternoon to enjoy such a lovely day being fresh also helps…

My family and I went on a wee stroll to feed the duckies, evidentially everyone else had the same idea so we just threw another few slices of bread in the dirty water; you’re welcome swans. 

Since it’s so lovely and bright today I tried to wear something with a little colour ( I love black so much I should be in the Addams family) and something light. I found a jumpsuit I bought a couple of years ago I only wore once so decided on that and teamed it with a little crop jumper. Turns out I could have really done with a coat also because In good owl Ireland weather the sun may be out guys but it’s deffo not bikini weather yet. 

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend gals, lotsa love, AG Xxo

Cropped jumper – H&M

Jumpsuit – H&M

Necklace – primark

Belt – primark 

Snakeskin kicks – primark 



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