kickin’ it

leaving work this evening at 6pm to sunlight still settled in the sky was absolutely perfect!! first time this year I’ve got a little eek of excitement for spring! so to put a spring in your step see what I did there? huh? hehe , soz. I decided to have a look at some new trainers for the wish list.

wish list as I am still on my shopping ban…week 3 completeeee!!

I love dressing up in my gladrags as much as the next gal but I have to say I get seriously excited about a sweet new pair of kicks; for exercising (pretending to exercise) day to day casual wear or even to add a bit of edge to an outfit with a funky pair. I have picked some out for yous to have a look at….that tbh I want ALLLLLLLL OF! oh did I mention, its my birthday in a few weeks….just saying 😉

lotsa love, AG Xxo



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