Thursday threadz

Thursday is one of my days off usually I have been working them lots recently, but today I had the whole day to myself, bliss! I had to go into town to get a few bits and pieces so just casual attire for me. from doing my clothes ban for lent I have found many pieces of clothing in my wardrobe ive forgot about….and no I don’t have some big ass Kardashian style walk in shit I just hang 100 things on one hanger and they fade away into wardrobe darkness, oops.

I picked out a little denim shirt I had bought for holidays last year and teamed it with some classic black skinnies, DM boots and to brighten it up my soft pink suede fur jacket, simples.

everyone should have a good look through their wardrobe for some inspo, try having a clear out I know I always find hidden gems I forgot and used to love, everything can always be recycled and dressed up in many ways! lotsa love, AG Xxo

jacket – misguided shirt – urban outfitters skinny jeans – river island boots – ASOS
backpack - primark
backpack – primarkimage


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