Proper corn 🌽

Evening allllll! Typing while I eat here so felt the need to share my new find… “Proper corn” 3 guesses what it is… POPCORN yay for you! 🙊 now this isn’t the normal sweet and sticky delightful cinema style popcorn this is gluten and wheat free cutting the calories style popcorn! Have I lost interest from half of yous? Stay with me promise it’s good 🙂 so I picked these up today in Tesco for £1 (everything that’s a £1 is just a bargain to me) saving the dollas and all that! 💷 there are 5 strange and interesting flavours of proper corn but Tesco only had 3 today. I went for ‘lightly sea salted’ and ‘fiery Worcester sauce and sun-dried tomato’  

WHAT the….?! I know sound absolutely odd but I can’t get over how tasty they are!! If you like salted popcorn then odds are you will like this, I would never really chose it so I was pleasantly surprised. The sun-dried tomato ones have an interesting taste with a slight kick, different but yummy! Now can’t say the rest of my house were won over by this one but I really enjoyed it, if you’re a savoury gal like myself I say give it a go!

image image

All flavours are under 130 calories!
All flavours are under 130 calories!

other flavours include ‘sour cream & chive‘sweet & salty‘ and ‘sweet coconut & vanilla

i will deffo be looking out for these other flavours to try, might even bring one on my hot Valentine’s date to see 50 shades…..

Lotsa love, AG Xxo

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