Brow basics!

Afternoon gals! Thought I would do a little insight of how I do my brows – now I am farrrrr from a makeup artist of any description so don’t be expecting a work of art here. As we all know eyebrows are so important now a days and can totally change the whole shape of someone’s face. Long gone are the days were I didn’t even own an eyebrow pencil… 🐛 thankfully I have THE BEST HD brow stylist about and would never let anyone else near mine! I couldn’t recommend HD brows anymore, totally worth the money and last a good few weeks if not a month ( for me anyway!) but seeing I can’t have miss sinead live with me to do my brows every day I have my own personal favs!

  1.  Illamasqua brow cake – thunder

I absolutely swear by this stuff!! I bought it after getting my makeup done in illamasqua literally two years ago and I haven’t had to buy another one yet! It is one on my makeup bag essentials for sure, and definitely gives me the dark eyebrow i love! There is other shades available for anyone who doesn’t like them as dark!         £15.50


2. To apply my brow cake I just use an angled brush that I also got from illamasqua but these can be bought anywhere!        £19




3. Brow sculpt gel

to finish my brows I just comb through my ardell sculpting gel to set and hold my brows in place! I got this gel from ebay!    £5.95


And that’s all I use to do my brows! I would go slightly darker if I was going out but I am only off to work today unfortunately so nothing exciting! Lotsa love, AG Xxo

This is the steps I follow for my brows!
This is the steps I follow for my brows!


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