Saturday recycle

Evening gals! That time on a Sunday again, eugh! Can’t say I have left my bed today other than to go for whatever I can try and quench my hungover thirst on! But sure what else do you be at on Sunday’s!
Had a last minute night out last night, so no real outfit planning for me… Time to dig threw the 500 things I don’t wear! 🙊
Whoever knows me know i live in black… All black eerythaaaaaang so I opted for my super comfy h&m jogger style bottoms and the wardrobe essential black crop top. Easy peasy! Went for a purpley pink eyeball to make me not look like part of the Addams family ⚪️⚫️
Back to doing nothing and cherishing the few hours that are left of the weekend for me!
Lotsa love,
AG Xxo




Top – missguided Trousers – h&m Shoes – Topshop Body chain – ebay

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