paleo pancakes!

Happy hump day gals! I’m just back from a good ( I say good I really mean agony) kettlebell class! Nevertheless always makes me feel a bit better about myself, especially when it resembles what looks like the Antarctic outside!! grrrrr! Where is summer at already?!

Speaking of summer for the last four years I have been lucky enough to visit my favourite place ever ibiza! We won’t get it into it too much as it breaks my heart a little every day that I don’t think I’m getting this year and im not ready for that sort of negativity this morning…😥


last year the most delicious restaurant opened up in San Antonio “the skinny kitchen” basically a clean eating restaurant with all sorts of guilt free treats! Perfect for when you’re feeling rough, aslet’s face it 99% of ibiza all day every day! Since coming home I have stalked their Instagram for all sorts of inspo and reciepes! These pancakes I have made this morning are so easy and so yummy!!! They also keep me full up now before work until im home again later!

Recipe :                                                                  2 eggs (more for more people)                             1 banana                                                               A drop of ground cinnamon                                 A little vanilla extract

and that’s basically it! Whirl in the blender (if you have one for lazy people like me) coat the pan in coconut oil and they’re done! I topped mine with a little drizzle of honey and blueberries, strawberries and a bit more banana is always tasty but my fridge wasn’t providing them today! Give it a go, yummy and healthy!

Lotsa love,
AG Xxo




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