Friday fitness! 💪

Happy Friday everyone! Work all weekend for me so no Friday feeling unfortunately! As I don’t start to this afternoon today I am up bright and early to get to the gym! Quick wee hour in the morning sets me up for the day and will have me good and tired for bed later! I know people hate ‘gym freaks’ and have a sense of annoyance with constant posting etc but it’s something I got into around a year and a half ago when I was trying to tone up for ibiza! Two trips to ibiza later I still haven’t got that washboard stomach but sure seeing yourself get stronger and slightly leaner is something I seriously enjoy! I now do two kettlebell classes a week, a barbell class and going to try to get two gym sessions in also! It isn’t for everyone but I couldn’t recommend it more, everyone has to start somewhere!

Strong is the new skinny’



IMG_5526 “The little gym” ❤️

Of course I use this as en excuse to buy more clothes.. And I am in love with all of the missguided new active wear! I want IT ALLLLLL!!
Lotsa love
AG Xxo






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