Powerful pout πŸ’‹

So after stalking every beautiful makeup face out there I just HAD to invest in some super sleek velvetines from ‘lime crime’
Lime crime are a makeup site based in America, everything is to die for… So beware, don’t go ‘window’ shopping, it ain’t gonna happen!! πŸ’·
I could have had everything on the site but as it isn’t cheap to makeup our pretty little faces i settled for two of these lippies: ‘cashmere’ & ‘salem’ I was super excited to receive my gorgeous little flowered cover box, with beautifully wrapped skills demonstrated inside.. Presentation is key after all! And coming from America I was very impressed that it only took around a week and a half to arrive! I am in love with cashmere!!!! Absolute essential nude lipstick for the perfect ‘Kylie Jenner’ lip we are all craving at the mo! They smell and taste amazing also which is always good! I haven’t had a chance to try Salem yet as
It is a lil more daring but I will be putting it to the test this weekend!!
Lotsa love
AG Xxo

cashmere – $20

salem – $20

Roughly Β£13.28 each



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